Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hijabi Dating

LOL, soooooooooo not true but lol:D

Monday, August 18, 2008

Khaleeji Wedding Settings

For Gulf weddings women and men celebrate at separate locales. The nikah (ceremony) is preformed before the walima and then the walima consists of a bit of a feast. Depending on the number of guests, the opulence of the locale varies. Here is one middle-Eastern locale booked for guests with pretty settings.

Veil Options from Turkish Stylist

I know this is an old pic but just goes to prove hijab doesn't limit one's options.

*Please make sure whatever style you choose it follows the guidelines from the Qu'ran: covers all hair, neck, and chest with the hijab*

Real Turkish Brides Pics

I have seen a cape like that on one of the Islamic websites (worn to navigate to and from the Walima). If I find the link again I will post it. As for the bottom pic, I really love the feathers (very Sarah Jessica Parker) but I am not a fan of the bolero hat combo (makes me think line-dancing). Sarah-Jessica:

Split Coat-Arab Wedding Dress

This one isn't for me but it would look so elegant on a modest older sister who still wants to show her hair at her women-only walima.

Fairy-tale: Arab Wedding Dress

This one makes me think of a fairy-tale princess from a Shakespeare play.

*Please make sure to modify this style to meet the requirements of the Qu'ran and sunnah for hijab*

Sweet Simplicity: Turkish Bridal Gown

I am definately a fan of the sweet simplicity of this Turkish wedding dress. It would go well with a mod bouquet in any colour.

Arab Wedding Dress

I like the bodice and the veil but the skirt reminds me of a lamp shade.

Real Life Wedding #5: Blogger of 'The Scintilating Butterflies' Islamic Bridal pt. 1

I love the train of her dress and mashaAllah, the purple bridesmaids.All photos taken from [and she promised to post the rest of her bridal pics in July so keep checking out her blog].

If you would like to help other sisters wear hijab for and provide inspiration for their wedding/walimah/nikah please send photos of your special day to

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rainbow Lace Hijabi Wedding Dress (with flowers)

The hem of this dress is too frou frou for me personally (I feel she is rising up from a spread of cool whip and flowers tucked in here and there conjure little bo peep) but I LOVE the bodice with its rainbow lace. And the flowers pinned to the hijab? THAT looks nice. Dress from Turkey. They don't ship.

*Please wear all hijab styles to meet the requirements in the Qu'ran and sunnah: loose fitting, not see-through, covers everything but the face and hands, scarf covers the chest, neck, and hair*

Just Add Hijab And... Hijabi Brides

These are three long sleeved options for brides from I definately think on the lace options layering is a must (try a white jersey stretch top) but the third just needs a hijab. Number three is very Vera Wang for us muslimah set: D
My personal favourite of three though is the second one because it reminds me of the wedding gown worn by Princess Grace of Monaco, and Katherine Middleton of Cambridge.
I love Grace's dress more than the Turkish President's daughter's (though her hijab is better;) ): though the young lady is lovely, masha'Allah. Her groom looks very happy: D

Friday, August 15, 2008

Real Life Wedding #4: Hana's Nikah

Hana from wore a very elegant custom designed silk dress for her special day. MashaAllah, this dress, but in ivory, is my dress dress (san bolero and long sleeves instead). MashaAllah the simplicity and the sheen of the silk is just so glam.

If you would like to help other sisters wear hijab for and inspire their wedding/walimah/nikah day, please send your photos to .

Real Life Wedding #3: Shareen's Nikah

MashaAllah this wedding is sooooooo me. from the Sunshine yellow of the bride's dress, to the decorations, and the very modest and beautiful bridesmaids:). All pictures taken from (please check out her sight for more beautiful photos).

If you would like to help other sisters wear hijab for and provide inspiration for their wedding/walimah/nikah please send photos of your special day to

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Egyptian Cotton Jalibiyias: from the U.K.

Next to abayas, Egyptian-cotton Jalibiyias (different than party jalibiyias-a.k.a Arabic Gowns) are my favourite thing to wear for the following reasons: they are modest cut and simply decorated so if you are desperate you CAN make sure you are wearing clothes underneath of them (jeans, T) and hijab over top and make it to pay for the take-out, you can pray in them without puting an abaya overtop, they are so comfy you can sleep in them (and if you are a bad fajr riser this helps you in that duty since you don't have to dress beyond hijab to pray), and you can dress them up for parties and special events. These are from a U.K. source

Monday, August 11, 2008

Brown and Turquoise Option

*Links are no longer up to date: desertstore no longer operates and I personally haven't heard positive reveiws about the hijab boutique either* This look works for almost anything---and I L-O-V-E it with Indian make-up!!!!! Indian girls have the most beautiful natural colouring. Turquoise and brown jalibiyia for $54.00 USD. Hijabs from in the oblong section. I layer three for a fun style (two is easier for beginners).

Way to Rock that Pink Bride

*Please adapt all styles to match the requirements of the Qu'ran and sunnah: loose fitting, covers everything but the face and hands, not see-through, scarf covers the hair, neck and chest*

White Options from Rayanne's Designs: the pink and white bride

*The dress is no longer in stock but do check out the other designs available at * Item WAS $74.99 AUD. It has a twist of pink in it though so you can totally play it up Gwen Steffani style:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

White Options From

*I am told this posts' shopping links are out of date and deserstore no longer operates*

Insha'Allah I will have posted all the sources for white walima/nikah garments but I will start with my favourite (the most sunnah style garment)----the simple one. Desert store has a lovely simple white abaya for $48.80 USD, this simply embroidered white caftan for $40.00 USD, this elaborately embroidered white one for $48.80 USD, and the one I have accessorized as my favourite nikah garment for $44.80.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sweet Tradition

This reminds me of my mother's wedding portrait.

*Please adapt all styles to meet the requirements of the Qu'ran and Sunnah: loose fitting, covers everything but the face and hands, is not see-through, the scarf covers the neck, hair, and chest*

It is YOUR wedding: blue wedding dress

It is YOUR wedding. Who says the bride has to wear white? This also makes for a glam guest or special occasion dress.

*please adapt all hijab to meet the requirements of the Qu'ran: loose-fitting, not see-through, covers all but the hands and face, hijab covers the hair, neck and chest*

Fountain Beads for a Flapper Muslimah

I like the draped beads on the arms of this dress---it reminds me of a 1920s flapper's dress. What I don't like? The fabric of the shoulders of the dress looks like it is lycra---which makes me think arobics instructor or tour de france competitor than modest bride, but hey, what do I know?

*Please adapt all your bridal clothing to meet the requirements of the Qu'ran and sunnah: loose fitting, covers all but hands and face, not see-through, hijab covers the hair, neck and chest*