Saturday, August 2, 2008

Arabic Make-Up: Green and Pink Eyes

This look requires a pink blush, a light pink lipstick, a berry pink eye shadow, black/or brown eyeliner, mascara and green shadow (and a concealer for dark under-eye circles). 1.) Apply the concealer. 2.) Apply the berry shadow on the outside corners of the eyes and blend outward and upward towards the brow. Rub off and shadow that reaches the temples with a concealer sponge. 3.) Apply the green shadow on the inside corners of the eyes and blend with one finger or sponge tip brush towards the berry shadow. 5.) highlight the brows with a neautral light shadow. 6.) Line the eyes khaleeji style. 7.) contour your pink blush along the cheekbones. 8.) Pucker up for delicious pink lips. Voila, a beautiful look for my brown-eyed girls.

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