Saturday, August 2, 2008

Guest Hijab

Honestly, I would like my bestfriends who are guests at MY wedding to wear hijab because I want to safely be able to show pictures of the events to friends and family without worrying about protecting so-and-so's modesty.But I still want them to look a little dressier than normal because, well, they're girls, and want the chance to dress up once in a while. And since alot of us live in places where wearing creative hijab or waaaay out there colours in abaya and hijab makes people talk, the hijabi-wedding is the perfect place for these look. This Egyptian look would be perfect for one of my non-Muslim friends from the clothes she already has [if she doesn't mind wearing a hijab for the event of course! ;)] [though her dress would be a taaaaad less Egyptian-fashion orientated]. For how to tie her hijab, and styling ideas, check out this link for part 1, and for part 2 The writer of The Hijabblog endorses the look, LOL, typical Egyptian Fashionista right?: D

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Basbousa said...

You knew it ;) Love it that you started this blog!