Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Blue Hijabi Bride is Anything But

As I've posted before, I love the coloured tulle incorporated into hijab bridal veil because it lets you plays with Arab and Indian make-up so beautifully. And blue looks so beautiful in make-up if applied with a light touch. For pale skin I would use rainbow shades on the eyes like in th ehijab pic. For golden skin, a bronze on the lips and yellow shadow to highlight the brow bones after the blue shadow works its magic. And if you are lucky enough to have that reddish bronze complexion of some Indian and Egyptian women, you can do a reddish pink lip with a pink shadow to highlight the brow as pictured below.

*Please adapt all hijab styles to Qu'ranic hijab: covers all hair, neck, and chest*

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hannah said...

That first picture is stunning!!