Monday, August 11, 2008

Brown and Turquoise Option

*Links are no longer up to date: desertstore no longer operates and I personally haven't heard positive reveiws about the hijab boutique either* This look works for almost anything---and I L-O-V-E it with Indian make-up!!!!! Indian girls have the most beautiful natural colouring. Turquoise and brown jalibiyia for $54.00 USD. Hijabs from in the oblong section. I layer three for a fun style (two is easier for beginners).


Habayeb said...

oh u talked bout indian gals *fans herself* hehe jk....thats rani mukherjee a top indian actress.she looks too cute!

Aalia said...

Ahhh I luv Rani Mukherjee... she has a very unique voice and I luv her acting!

**Fan of Bollywood, especially Aish!!**

Celeritas said...

Hehe I would do this with turquoise shirt and brown trousers and coat.