Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dressing Up Your Hijab

This is a simple white chiffon oblong hijab tied behind the neck gypsy-style. What make sit unique and special are the pearl dragon-fly brooches used for decoration. This style is so simple anybody could do it. You pull the scarf so it is center and low across your forehead. You tie the ends in the back gypsy-style around your bun. Not shown in the picture but an easy modification to make you pull one of the two loose ends around your neck and drape loosely across the bust for extra coverage AND modesty. You can actually pin an extra bit of veil (from a western bridal store) in the back. Then just add on the brooches of your choice. Helpful hint (you are dealing with white do apply your make-up before hijab styling).

*Please adapt all hijab styles to meet the requirements in the Qu'ran: covers all hair, neck, and chest*


Valentina said...

Asalaamu aletykum alexia, I really enjoy your new blog! but! I keep wondering what "gypsy-style" is?

Alixianna said...

Just tied behind the head. Like this pic.