Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Egyptian Cotton Jalibiyias: from the U.K.

Next to abayas, Egyptian-cotton Jalibiyias (different than party jalibiyias-a.k.a Arabic Gowns) are my favourite thing to wear for the following reasons: they are modest cut and simply decorated so if you are desperate you CAN make sure you are wearing clothes underneath of them (jeans, T) and hijab over top and make it to pay for the take-out, you can pray in them without puting an abaya overtop, they are so comfy you can sleep in them (and if you are a bad fajr riser this helps you in that duty since you don't have to dress beyond hijab to pray), and you can dress them up for parties and special events. These are from a U.K. source http://www.abakaftans.co.uk/Galabeyyas_B2ANO.aspx


Aalia said...

I luv jalibiyas! Remember my two I ordered from Egypt a while back? They sooo comfy!

Basbousa said...

I love galabiyas too! They are so comfy!