Monday, August 4, 2008

Gypsy Hijab-a.k.a Ponytail Hijab Style

This is a painfully simple and heartbreakingly elegant style, reliant on the garment for neck and bust coverage. All that is done is an oblong shayla is drawn so that ends are even and the brow is low and centered before the two ends of the shayla are tied behind the head and arranged to hide the hair (preferrable also the ears but Allah knows best). This style is secured by a stretchy wrist bracelet used as a pony-tail holder, but a pretty hijab clip or brooch will accomplish much the same, making a style statement for your special day.

*Please adapt all hijab styles to meet the requirements in the Qu'ran: covers all the hair, neck and chest*


hannah said...

oooh that looks very chic! how do you make it so your neck isn't showing?? i dont feel comfortable with JUST a turtleneck for that, so i like to have the scarf around my neck too. (my hair always sticks out otherwise!!! no matter what! lol)

Alixianna said...

You need two scarves tied on the pony-tail/gypsy hijab way for that, and then you style the ends of the top layered scarf to cover the neck by pulling them forward. A vid would be useful I think.