Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mother (of the Muslim-Bride) and the Masjid

Is your mother very traditional and uncomfortable with Muslims, but you, her daughter, is one, and, is soon to be married? I have found the best way to soothe out my parents' fears over their convert daughter's life has been to INVOLVE them in it, into role they are already comfortable with---- PARENTS. It would be nice to have your mother with you at your nikah and for her to visit the Masjid with you she will have to wear hijab. Maybe her own beliefs make this uncomfortable for her so make it something close to what she is comfortable with. This outfit would be ideal for Christian mothers since she already wears hats to church, and has a full wardrobe of suit jackets and scarves. All I have to do is help her pick out a long skirt, and voila!!!!! My mother looks like a Muslimah-my-fair-lady, and all I have to worry about is making sure that all the old Arab bachelors (JJKN) at the masjid aren't checking her out---and that she isn't encouraging them: D Outfit by Tekbir, season past.


Basbousa said...

Beautiful, this site is great!
Really good job, Alixianna!

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Alixianna,

I saw something similar on the UK style blog. I love hats and wearing hijab, I always feel wistful when I see one (not that I have occassion to wear them, but as a teen could not pass a department store without trying some on). These pictures make them look very wearable.

Ahem, now just have to work up nerve to wear them with my shayla and abaya.