Monday, August 4, 2008

Natural Purple Arabic Eye Make-Up

Masha'Allah, this sister is so lovely.


Zayna said...


Nice picture of a sister with brown skin like mine! Thanks for adding : )

hannah said...

gorgeous!!! wow, i wish my skin looked so smooth and even! :p

Umm Salihah said...

I like that the make-up is so soft, its often an easier option to go with darker make-up, but this softer look is very pretty.

poisonedapple08 said...

Selam Aleykum sister Alix,
I've beeen reading your blog for a long long time now, but never commented Idk why. MashAllah love the hijab styles and I love your determination and your attitude. Keep up the great work sister. May Allah guide us all to the Right Path and make us better Muslims.

This particular picture stunned me. She is so beautiful, mashAllah and the makeup looks absolutely fab on her.