Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pink Tulle With Veil Bridal Hijab

I really like the strong Arabic make-up with the coloured tulle. To get this look first tie a white chiffon oblong shayla at the back of the head. Next, attach the white veil (they sell these at any western bridal store and instead of attaching it with a comb you are going to pin it securely with something like a thick saftey pin). Next tie the pink sheer shayla the same way as the first white one at the back of the head, gypsy style. With the ends of the white one still hanging loose you can cover the bun oy our hair, and pin it into a pretty design in the back using stick pins. With the pink ends hanging loose you are going to pull them the front and pin them to the sides for neck and chest coverage. To dress it up so that it is fit for a candy-land princess pin or have someone stitch a necklace to the final design for a little sparkle. This style is courtesy Basbousa

*Please adapt all hijab styles so that they are Qu'ranic hijab: covers the hair, neck, and chest*

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indovitamanis said...

wasalammualaikum from Indonesia. this is really so beautiful