Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Slinky Slutty Dress Made Modest

How many of you sisters are tired of seeing your other sisters' cleavage? Sure, we can wear what we like in front of women and cast aside our headscarves--- but not our modesty. Now remember JLO's skanky sheet of fabric (can't call it a dress) [btw thank-you Marc Anthony for puting your foot down and helping your wife find REAL clothes in a non-islamic sense ;)], that green thing she wore that landed her on every tabloid cover? Well, had she put a pair of sleek trousers under it, and a loose fitting turtleneck under it, and worn a drop necklace to highlight the dress's design (not her cleavage) she could have looked STUNNING. Pair with a habit-style hijab and you can make it go as a guest at most special occasions. Very pretty. And something all my non-Muslim friends have in their closet that won't make my husband have to have his eyes ceiling high ALL night [thank you Am and B for being so accomadating to Muslim me:)].

*if you are Muslim, please adapt all hijab styles to be Islamic requirements from the Qu'ran and SUnnah: loose fitting, not see-through, covers everything but the face and hands, hijab covers hair, neck and chest).*


Celeritas said...

So clever!

Basbousa said...

I think the idea is great, the girl is gorgeous, but the dress color was not nice at all. She should have stolen J-Lo's dress, the color was beautiful!