Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Real Life Wedding #18: Pixie's Civil Service Ceremony in Canada

This is me, blog author. I have had numerous weddings, as most converts who marry away from their family (and their husband's) tend to do, and to make my wedding legal in various countries. These photos are from a Canadian civil service ceremony, done mainly for my family to make my marriage status legal in Canada. I was around maharams but still chose to wear hijab because my relatives have a tendancy to keep photos of me out without hijab in their houses, so I donned the scarf and modest coverage anyways. ***I'd go for a looser fitting dress though, for my nikah or any mixed walimah setting and make sure my scarf covered my breasts more*** [Pictured below: the bride and her father picking up the paperwork to make it all legal]My dress was a 1970s dress I found for 10 dollars USD in a used store. I took it apart and re-made it, sewing on a sash, and lining for the sheer sleeves with lace and taking off ugly beads and sewing on beige and gold crystals and some pearls from a broken necklace of mine. I was originally going to wear a peach coloured African caftan with Morrocan-style embroidery on it, but my little sister didn't like it and I didn't have time to wait for an online order. So our mission was scour the vintage wedding dresses and find something modest and affordable. I liked this one because it was chiffon and off-white. I also found the perfect English style wedding [my city is very faux-English] shoes, kitten-heeled in white lace. Total spent on wedding dress and shoes (under 20.00 dollars USD ;D ). Since the wedding service was mainly for my family, I chose an English theme, with an Empire waist-dress kind of Jane-Austen style, and peach roses for my bouquet with black satin ribbon (I made it also, budget bride that I am). I attached the veil bought from Michaels craft store (sooooooo cheap, I think under five dollars Canadian) to a fabric headdress I sewed myself with leftover material from the sash) and decorated the headdress with an old necklace I had, and tied it on over-top my hijab with ribbon and pinned it in place to secure it. English wedding traditions state that the bride must not wear white if she is not a virgin (since I'd already had my nikah lol, I was certainly not so off-white for me), and something borrowed (I borrowed my cream colour hijab from Boxie), something old (the necklace I attached to the headdress and my dress itself) and something blue.My little sis sporting the blue, which went so nicely with pearls and cream and peachy roses.In true English-bridal fashion my maid-of-honor wore a lovely hat. I love these photos of us soooooo much in the Governor's gardens.The day had started out cloudy but by the afternoon the sun came out, just in time for the wedding photos, in true English-country wedding fashion. .So thank you to all my female guests who wore beautiful hijabs, and my family who were so great about everything. Thank you for the beautiful photos and lovely memories.......getting to pretend a girl got dropped off in an old-fashioned English novel, and she didn't even have to leave her hijab behind.
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