Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Thoroughly Mod Nikah: I am too lazy to make an inspiration board so here goes

The bride wore a sleek black abaya over top a white column dress.

The groom wore a black kufi. He did NOT pair it with skinny jeans!The Islamic school's seating was seperated into 2 sections, one for men and one for women (arrange men at front and women at back with aisle on each sexes' side if you'd like;). The aisle runners were paper rolls taped down with black tape and stencilled with abstract graphic designs. Peel & stick wall stencils to match the theme decorated the walls. Black fabric draped over a table where the nikah agreement was be signed stood at the front, along with tables and chairs for the bride and the groom.

The guests wore black abayas (with cocktail dresses underneath;0), except for the little girls, of course;)who wore utterly cute mod party dresses. After the nikah agreement was signed guests were served refreshments and cold but mod looking appetizers. Black and white wrapping paper taped over the table tops spread with votive candles and yellow garden flowers seemed to summon up the happiness of the union. lack and white fabric became an affordable but thoroughly chic table cloth.Wedding was inspired by "City Blossoms" a wedding venue designer's work veiwed at a Brideshow in the USA.

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